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Heart’s Horn, WhiskeyPaper.

Dive, SmokeLong Quarterly: The Best of the First Ten Years 2003-2013.

Asking For It, Fractured West.


When Your Fever Breaks, Atticus Review.

MORE, WhiskeyPaper.

Black Wolves, Bluestem Magazine.

When We Run Away We Will Eat Red Velvet Cake With Our Hands, Midwestern Gothic.


Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Used Furniture Review.

Notes Regarding the Old House on Bent Knee Road, Corium Magazine.

George Sand, [PANK] Magazine. [Interview here]

Five Things I Learned About Aimee Lister, Emprise Review.


Poached Pear Sorbet and Other Seduction Tactics, Word Riot.

Dread, Spilling Ink Review.

On Capitalism, book or else specter.

They Get Angry When They Die, The Molotov Cocktail.

The Funeral, Camroc Press Review.

Dive, SmokeLong Quarterly. [Interview here]

Untitled, Nanoism.

The Architecture of Two Closets in America, Necessary Fiction.

Commute, The Scrambler.

My Mojo Rises While Watching National Geographic, Sleep. Snort. Fuck.

Hands, Postcard Shorts.

Gluteus, Sleep. Snort. Fuck.

The Jane Smith Archives, The Scrambler.

Cinder and Smoke, Fiction at Work. [5 May 2010]

Untitled, Nanoism.

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Edan Lepucki’s California review, The Female Gaze.

The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales author interview, The Female Gaze.

Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You review, The Female Gaze.

Vivian Versus the Apocalypse author interview, The Female Gaze.


Elliott Holt’s You Are One of Them review, The Female Gaze.

Alissa Nutting’s Tampa review, The Female Gaze.

Marie Calloway’s what purpose did i serve in your life review, The Female Gaze.

Chad Simpson’s Tell Everyone I Said Hi review, [PANK] Blog.

Susan Steinberg’s Spectacle review, The Female Gaze.

Sons of Anarchy dialogue with Leesa Cross-Smith, The Female Gaze.

Lana Del Rey dialogue with Lindsey Gates Markel, The Female Gaze.

Leigh Stein’s The Fallback Plan review, The Female Gaze.

Amber Sparks’ May We Shed These Human Bodies review, [PANK] Blog.


Lauren Groff’s Arcadia review, The Female Gaze.

Paula Bomer’s Nine Months review, [PANK] Blog.

Lidia Yuknavitch’s Dora: A Headcase review, [PANK] Blog.

Emily St. John Mandel’s The Lola Quartet review, [PANK] Blog.

Fractured West #3 review, [PANK] Blog.

Laura Maylene Walter’s Living Arrangements review, [PANK] Blog.

Thievery: Black Wolves—guest post, KirstyLogan.com.

Books We Can’t Quit—Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides review, [PANK] Blog.


Paula Bomer’s Baby and Other Stories review, [PANK] Blog.

Tiff Holland’s Betty Superman review, Word Riot.

Timothy Schaffert’s The Coffins of Little Hope review, [PANK] Blog.

On Home—personal essay, Specter Magazine.

Steve Himmer’s The Bee-Loud Glade review, [PANK] Blog.

Sarah Rose Etter’s Tongue Party review, [PANK] Blog.

Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water review, [PANK] Blog.


The Professional, Girls with Insurance.

Kitchen Tango, Four and Twenty.

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Every Kiss a War author interview, The Female Gaze.